Friday, December 30, 2011

Highlights of 2011

Christmas is over and another year comes to an end. How quickly each year seams to pass and what a great reminder it is to be thankful for the time we are given and to make the best of it. This year has been full of ups and downs but what i will remember the most this year are the great times I've had with friends, the starting of this blog, the refinancing of our mortgage, the weddings, and the celebration of my 4 year wedding anniversary.
In celebration of this year and the food that was made and shared i decided to share with you all some of your favorites as well as some of mine.In chronological order:
Funfetti cake balls. What a versatile dessert, great for kids parties, family gatherings, baking boxes and even camping. Best of all they're fantastically easy but impress non-the-less. So whatever your function these beauties are sure to please! 
Looking at this cupcake makes me feel like homer...mmm cupcakes!! the perfect combination of coffee and buttery cake with a caramel filling takes this dessert to a whole new level. Though it does have several steps it is worth the effort. A favorite among readers as well as one of mine is Caramel Frappucino cupcakes
When i first heard of basil as a dessert ingredient i was a little uneasy but this Raspberry Basil Creme Brulee definitely eased my fears. Creamy, rich and the flavor combination was delicious.
Absolutely one of my favorite candy's and the most requested by the hubby. whenever i ask him what dessert to make for someone he always replies, Cracker crunch. The perfect combination of salty and sweet it makes for a great gift or as dessert in a packed lunch. 
A healthy and fairly easy dish to make when you feel like Italian, Sweet Potato Gnocchi is not only fun to say but also to eat. It has quickly become one of my go to recipes and though low on the calorie scale, it's very high on the taste scale, Yum! 
Buttermilk pie, Custard like texture, warm slightly sweet flavor. A great last minute dessert for unexpected guests.
An American classic made at home. These delicious Homemade Oreo's are a chewy chocolate-y and creamy version of the store bought kind. Delicious and better for you than their counterpart, a great after school snack and wonderful with a glass of milk.
Everyone should have a go to recipe for Fabulous Fish Taco's, this one is mine. I've searched the world over, well at least the world wide web for a great fish taco recipe and i found it in these. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside the fish is delicious, mango relish, cabbage and limes complete the dish for a flavorful fish dish that even non-fish lovers (myself included) will love!
Avacado Shake. Never would have thought this would be a part of the highlights for 2011 but you, my dear readers have seemed to love it as much as i did. The nutty flavor of Avocado lends itself perfectly to the sweet flavors in a milk shake. Just thinking about it makes me want one now.
A personal favorite of mine since childhood is a good Peppermint Patty; so you can imagine my excitement when i found a recipe for them. This recipe was fantastic! They tasted exactly like the York peppermint patties i grew up eating.
Pasta Da Vinci (a cheesecake factory replica). One of my favorite dishes when we eat out and a flavorful home cooked meal. The Madeira wine sauce is sweet and when combined with tender mushrooms, chicken, parsley and Parmesan you get a rich pasta dish that you'll want to eat over and over again.
Carnitas Taco's. Absolutely worth the work you put into them and most definitely for special occasions. The meat is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, pulls apart easily and pairs perfectly with the guacamole, pico de gallo and pretty much any topping you desire.

A great fall beverage for the pumpkin lovers out there, A Pumpkin Spice Latte. A delicious home made version of the Starbucks fall drink that can now be made year round if you like.

This delicious ice cream was made in celebration of our refinance loan going through, what a joyous day and what a wonderful way to celebrate. A chocolate-y, creamy ice cream with rich fudge brownies throughout it is definitely a favorite around here; Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream with Sea Salt
Pumpkin Pie Empanada's or if you like, hand held pumpkin pies. These particular ones are made in the shape of Halloween characters for a fall gathering but could be made into any shape or just kept in the normal empanada half circle. A reader favorite and one of the most popular posts, it's a sure fire winner. Featured in the Holiday Sweet Swap at pressed down shaken together.
The Chocolate Covered Sweet Potato Twinkie Cakes we're not only a hit here, at kitchen chronicles of a housewife, but they we're a hit at my nieces birthday party as well. Moist and sweet with a very tender cake that has a mild sweet potato flavor. These beauties are tasty with or without the chocolate.
 A revamp of the classic, Macaroni and Cheese, this recipe is easy and delicious and will satisfy both the homemade lovers (me) and the kraft Lovers (Alex). Rich, Creamy and full of cheesy flavor!
Cinnamon Pie was an inspiration from a TV show episode..who knew it would become a family favorite. Great addition to thanksgiving dinner or an easy mid-weak meal. Delicious cinnamon flavor, flaky crust, and lovely texture. Serve with vanilla ice cream and it's heaven.
Last but not least, Almond Joy Granola; My new favorite breakfast. Easy to make and stores for a while this home made granola is better than any store bought version I've had. Delicious, Nutty and full of vanilla flavor, i call it Scrumdidilyumptious!!

And there you have it folks! thanks for all your suggestions, comments and support this year as i continue to learn what it means to blog, i hope you will join me in the new year for lots more adventures in the kitchen. My first resolution of the year, Blog more savory dishes. How about you, what's your new years resolution? or do you do them at all? 

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