Friday, September 2, 2011

Peppermint Patties

Okay folks, here it is...Peppermint patties. A while back, in March of this year, my good friend Betty married her perfect match Ian in a beautiful ceremony and a lovely reception, where my dear friend Oksana and I we're honored to give a speech as the matron of honor's, thankfully we did it together, because I'm no speech maker and trying to find the perfect words at your best friends wedding is well challenging, but that's my perfectionist side talking, what a joy to express the joy we felt for her that day! Well, on to the main point, at their reception they had this great thing called a candy bar and one of the candies we're York peppermint patties (a childhood favorite of mine). So then it got me thinking about how to make them; five months later and i finally did it. And they we're a hit! the hubby said they tasted just like a york patty and on our camping trip they we're the fastest of the two treats i brought along to disappear. A must try, seriously these are so fun to  make, and easy and delicious! what are you waiting for?! 

Peppermint Patties
Adapted from Savory Sweet Life 


1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk
3-51/2 C. Powdered Sugar, Sifted (i used about 4)
1 Tbs Peppermint Extract
3 C. Chocolate Chips
3 Tbs Shortening  

Mix sweetened condensed milk with 2 cups of powdered sugar on medium speed til combined. Mix in peppermint extract followed by more powdered sugar a 1/2 C. at a time until dough is firm but still pliable. Roll about a teaspoon of dough into small ball, press gently onto wax paper to form a disc shape, transfer patties to freezer for no longer than 30 minutes.
Meanwhile melt the chocolate chips over a double boiler of simmering water. add in the shortening and stir to thin out.
take out the patties, one tray at a time and dip into the chocolate, using a fork, Allow the chocolate to drip off fork then gently move back to wax paper. Continue this process until all the patties have been covered in chocolate. Let air dry and Enjoy!!

Makes about 20 large pieces or 32 (depending on size of patty)

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