Wednesday, December 14, 2011


These easy and delicious quesadilla's filled to the brim or as we call them "quesabeana's" are sure to be a new favorite week night meal. It's hard to even qualify this as a recipe since all the ingredients are ever changing and often times whatever is on hand, but to make it easy, we'll go ahead and say that it is.

As a child i was blessed to have a father who loved to cook... Still does! so we we're privy to many types of foods, but out of them all there we're a few that stood out as our Favorites, Buttermilk pancakes from scratch (i still don't know how to make them the same way he does, probably never will), Pot roast and Yorkshire pudding and of course these Quesabeana's. I find this to be one of those sentimental foods that actually lives up to the hype of your child hood memory. Even now i look forward to a tasty lunch or dinner of cheesy, beany goodness!!

Adapted from Michael Fleming

Flour tortillas (10-16 inches) whatever you prefer.
1 can of re-fried beans
Cheese- i use cheddar or Mexican blend, approximately 1-2 cups, shredded. 
Green onions
2-3 Tomatoes, Diced
1 Can of Black olives, chopped

Chop, dice and shred the ingredients, as instructed above. Heat up beans until warm. Set out ingredients, making your own assembly station. Assemble quesabeana's, filling tortillas (either 1 folded over or 2 sandwiched for  a larger size) with an even amount of ingredients Heat either a griddle or frying pan on medium heat with butter or vegetable oil. Fry quesabeanas until cheese is melted and golden brown on both sides (careful not to burn them like i did on a couple), about 30 seconds to 1 minute per side. Slice up and Enjoy!!

Serve with salsa or sour cream. Serves approx. 4 people and up to 20 (adjust recipe accordingly).  

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