Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blackberry Lime Cheesecake

I sometimes feel that i want to be one of those people who has everything organized in a neat and tidy order, you know, that Type A personality?! However, no matter the improvements i make upon this endeavor i just can't escape my tendencies to shove that thing in a corner or that document on the counter instead of in the files, out of pure convenience i can assure  you. I guess that childhood lesson of doing it right the first time creates less work in the end never really sank in.One thing that i can do is make lists; that i am very good at; grocery lists, To Do lists,Christmas lists, etc.. Lists, Lists and more Lists. In fact i love making lists! Does that sound crazy? Am i alone in this?!
As i continue exploring the world of foods there were so many dishes that came up that i wanted to make. So, of course, i decided to make a list. You may have noticed i have added a few pages to the blog, one of them is my list of 100 things to cook, make or bake (as well as an about me page and soon to come a contact me). Check it out, if you like, suggestions are great too! With this list there also comes a goal. So as to prevent me from procrastinating (another thing I'm really good at), i decided to create a 30th birthday, which is in 3 years. Well, i better get cracking!!

 My menu plan for the night was a taco salad which you can find here if interested. There we're some differences in mine, as with any taco salad, their flexible! Alright, back to the cheesecake. So, seeing how i was going with Mexican or rather Tex-Mex i decided to look for a Mexican style dessert. Nothing was sounding good and then i found a blackberry cheesecake on pioneer woman's blog but i wanted to do something with limes; well you can guess where i went from there? yep..Combine the two! A lime cheesecake with fresh blackberry laden sauce on top, sounded yum to me! It turned out great; best cheesecake I've ever made. And i learned something about cheesecake too, the longer their refrigerated the better they taste; until of course they reach their expiration date, but that never happens around here!

Blackberry Lime Cheesecake
Adapted From The Pioneer woman and Annie's-eats

2 C. Graham cracker crumbs
6 Tbs.Granulated Sugar
6 Tbs. Unsalted butter, melted

Juice of 2 Limes
Zest of  2 Limes
3 (8oz) Packages of Cream cheese, at room temperature
1 C. Granulated Sugar
3 Large eggs

Blackberry Topping:
2 C.'s Blackberries
2 Tbs Water
1/2 C. Sugar
1-11/2 Tsp Cornstarch  (optional)*

* I found my sauce didn't thicken enough so i added some cornstarch, but if it's not needed, by all means leave it out.

Preheat oven to 325 degree's. Mix together the graham cracker crumbs, sugar and butter. Press into a 9 inch spring form pan, pushing up along the edges a little.Beat cream cheese on medium speed with an electric mixer for about 1 minute or until creamy. Slowly add in Sugar, beat until combined. Next add in the eggs, 1 at a time, scraping bowl as needed. Add lime juice and zest and mix together until fully combined. Pour cream cheese mixture over crust. Bake for 55-65 minutes or until center of cheesecake is set. Turn off the oven, crack the door and let sit for 30 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool to room temp.

While cheesecake is baking, prepare the blackberry sauce. Mix together all of the ingredients except for cornstarch. Bring to a slow boil over medium heat, allowing the berries to cook in their own juices a little. Add in the cornstarch and continue to boil for 1 more minute until sauce has thickened a bit. Be careful not to overcook as the berry's will begin to disintegrate. Remove from heat and allow to cool. pour over top of cheesecake.

Refrigerate overnight or enjoy right away!.You can take side of pan off or leave them as be (it's up to you)! the sauce will spill down the side of the cheesecake when you do take away the sides but should thicken some more in the fridge.

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